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Friday, July 28, 2006

No diplomatic option now?

Further to my previous post, my friends tell me that there is no diplomatic option now, that Hezbollah will not agree (as of now) to leave south Lebanon, and that no international force will agree to come there and confront them. None of us know what Hezbollah's real position is and they may be more conciliatory in private diplomatic discussions than in their public pronouncements. I hope anyway that Israel is testing the diplomatic waters all the while. In truth, it is difficult to imagine an international force taking risks, absorbing casualties and being effective.

So it seems that meanwhile Israel's only other option is a massive all-out attack against the Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and thereby against southern Lebanon itself. Israeli newspapers report this morning the call up of "tens of thousands" of reserve soldiers including probably Irit's son-in-law who told us last night that he expects to be enlisted. It is sad, it is painful, it is frightening. We seem to have gotten ourselves into a situation where we must "win". Let's pray that we do and that the price will not be heart-rending.


Anonymous yoav said...

"None of us know what Hezbollah's real position is"

how can you say that? hezbullah have clearly stated that one of their goals is the destruction of israel.
what else do you need to know about them? what, you think it's a joke?
if someone threatens you with murder - or in this case genocide - a healthy reaction would not include negotiations.
murder is murder is murder is murder.there are no nuances in murder and genocide.
the sooner we understand it, the more chance we have to deal with this threat to our nation in a rational and effective manner.

9:04 PM  
Blogger Bruce Larson*Moore said...

Hymn of the Martyr

If you oppress me, my words will gather strength,

If you imprison me, my words will grow in power,

If you embattle me, my words will turn destruction against you,

If you kill me, my words will haunt your grandchildren's, grandchildren,

* * *
If you embrace me, my words will fade into yours, as yours fade into mine, my lips will speak of you, as yours speak of me,

Together we build tolerance, understanding, compassion, trust and truth,

Divided we foster only fear and kill only trust, divided we know only the death of the other,

Together we understand and know our lives, and embrace the Hymn of Peace for our grandchildren's, grandchildren.

┬ęBruce Larson*Moore
The Last*War

9:56 AM  
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