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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another visit to hospital

I took the picture on the right a few days ago when Irit and I went to visit a friend whose father is terminally ill in Rambam hospital in Haifa. It's not that clear from the picture but the sight we saw as we approached the main entrance of the hospital were tens of stretcher beds and wheelchairs outside the emergency room waiting for the injured, either from rocket attacks in Haifa or injured soldiers from Lebanon.

Yesterday evening Irit and I went again to Rambam hospital (to visit the same friend) but this time, things looked much worse. There were far more stretcher beds waiting ourside the emergency room, several TV outside broadcast vans (aiting to broadcast about injured) and we found that many of the regular wards had been relocated in the concrete basement of the hospital. Our friend's father had been moved out yesterday to another hospital and it was clear that the hospital is on a war footing. They are obviously preparing themselves for the possibility of many more dead and injured . Emptying wards of non-critical patients and moving the remaining patients underground is not exactly a hopeful sign either.

The Israeli cabinet yesterday authorised a massive expansion of the land operation but it has been put on hold. Prime Minister Olmert is actiong very cautiously and known to be very concerned that hundreds of Israeli soldiers might be killed in such an operation. As terrible as any casualties are, so far casualties on both sides are limited. But it isn't over yet, and for Israel (and the Palestinians) it may never be over.


Blogger AviP said...

It’s always easy to criticize and be an “etze gaber”, but.....this war is fought as much in the media as in the battlefield. Israel has a terrible track record in media wars. No matter what, we are always the aggressor. Even when our people get slaughtered on our streets, it’s our fault. I doubt we can ever win that war. What I do not understand is the propensity of Israeli ministers to run to the media with all sorts of chatter, pronouncements and leaks. We’re in the middle of a war and they can’t shut up!! They should be thinking like generals, not politicians who want PR. We’re telling the enemy all our plans. On top of that, by reporting exactly what rockets fall where and how much damage they cause, we’re helping them aim better and hit us more. I propose a media blackout, as much as possible.

Israel should be on the offensive and take back the initiative on all fronts. Let the military do its work. Stop worrying about killing innocent Lebanese. This is a war, and in a war people die. We did not choose this war. Because we choose to be so careful with human life, unlike our enemy who could not care less about it, we end up sacrificing the lives of our own soldiers. Remember, the media will make us look bad no matter what. Bring the Syrians into the spotlight, not militarily, but diplomatically. Here’s how. First, let everyone know what a field day these bastards are having, seeing Lebanon get destroyed. They could not stay there, as people kicked them out, so now they’re having a blast (no pun intended). Second, expose the Shebaa Farms hypocrisy ( Hezbollah says that’s what their fight is about. Of course we know all too well that it’s about hate, they hate us with a passion and want to erase us from the face of the earth, a la Ahmadinejad. The Shebaa Farms were designated Syrian territory by the UN. If the Syrians are so keen to give it to the Lebanese, why don’t they say it and commit to it on paper? If Siniora wants Shebaa Farms to be part of the deal, fine. But only if Syria declares publicly and internationally that it recognizes the independence of the state of Lebanon, gives up any rights to its territory, including the Shebaa Farms, and sends an ambassador to Beirut (that’s right, Syria does not have an ambassador in Lebanon).

Speaking of hypocrisy…I say expose it for it is. Where it comes to Israel (or should I say Jews?), the world is full of double standards. Russia, who murders Chechnians by the thousands, dares criticize Israel for its “disproportionate” actions. Turkey, who eliminated an entire Armenian population and continues to harass and kill Kurds, dares speak against our actions. Only Israel gets Arabs worldwide to manifest on the streets. Why don’t all these people march on the streets and cry to heaven about the genocide in Darfur, where there is no let-up in the slaughtering of their Arab brothers and sisters? Why haven’t Arab League and Islamic nations convened urgently to address this tragedy?

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but in these moments I wish we had Menachem Begin and his demagogic rhetoric. Remember when he told the European leaders to get on their knees and beg for forgiveness? I wish there was someone in the Israeli government today who could stand up and tell it to the world like it is.

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