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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Standing up for Israel

If like me (and I'm biased - my home and my national identity are being attacked) you accept Israel's justification in fighting the Hezbollah, you might be interested in the following links to help convince other people (see my previous post) . Israel is unfortunately not doing a very good job at explaining itself to international audiences. Pictures of wounded children are indeed heart-rending but this is not just about emotion and compassion.

The following links may help you understand more and, at least, accept Israel's position.
- David Wikipedia entry on the current conflict

Israel Government and Military websites Israel Foreign Ministry
Israel Military Intelligence Information Center

Israel news sites Haaretz newspaper Ynet, website of Israel's biggest newspaper Yediot Achronot Jerusalem Post

Research sites
Middle East Media Research Institute
Jewish Virtual Library

Israel Advocacy links Stand with us Middle East Info UJC
Honest Reporting


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the references, many of them I already read, and forward to interested parties. I think the fundamental problem is that some people don't want to understand the conflict. It is simply morally easier to blame the Israeli (the jews) for the conflict. The Palestinians and Arabs are 'so poor', 'so long suffereing', G-d forbid anyone ever make them take some responsibility for their own actions and situation. I agree that showing women and chiildren is very effective against Israel.

There are some who like to quote such things as the Geneva Israel is not folling it's mandates. On the other hand they have no qualls abuut Hezbollah and Hmas shooting rockets into cities, hitting innocent civilian targets COMPLETELY UNPROVOKED!!!!! Quite frnakly it sickens me how blind they are to the truth of the situation.

There is simply no evidence that Israel wants war. They want peace, but notas it is dictated by countries and groups who believe that they are justified in obliterating it from the map. That is called caving into bullies and tyrants.

May Israel prevail...

12:54 AM  
Blogger Jeffrey said...

I have been watching this since I was a young boy. I am now a middle aged man and still it goes on. I think Israel has made some mistakes over the years, but this ain't one of em'. Think of it, if Belgium kidnapped a few Frenchmen and started lobbing shells into France. What would happen, French honor would need avenging. Anyone think the Frenchies would send crepes' back in response? I don't. I think their foreign legion would be called in.

As a young man, I was in the U. S. Marine Corps. I was actually in Lebanon when kidnapping foreigners was a professional sport with the various militias. I remember when some Russian diplomat was kidnapped. You probably don't remember this, cause it only happened once and was over quickly.

The Russians flew in a company of their "SPETSNAZ."(Russian Special Forces) This unit in typical Russian efficient ruthlessness, kidnapped 4 or 5 of the most senior members of the clan responsible. They shot one in the head where they grabbed him and left him bleeding in the street. They passed the word that the others would be shot one at a time until their man was released. The Russians never suffered another kidnapping.

The Russian was released later that afternoon. Several weeks after that occurred, the
American embassy in lebanon was blown up. Our response was to send notes of unpleasantness to appropriate parties. A couple of years after that stern response, I lost 241 of my shipmates in another bombing. Our response that time was to pack up and get out of dodge, er, Beirut.

My point is this, why should Israel have to have it's personnel kidnapped and missles flung at them, willy nilly and not take serious action. The Lebanese can believe what they want, but the truth is, no kidnapping, no war.

Also, to all those who say the response by the Israelis' is "disproportinate." BUNK... Anyone who says that, has never, ever been a soldier. You can't motivate an army to fight if the troops know they will be abandoned if captured.

Ask yourself this, if the Mexican people decided tomorrow to take back Azatlan North, i.e. N.M., Texas, Arizona and California and they shot missles into Tucson and El Paso. What should be our response, bearing in mind that we took all that territory at the point of a gun in the first place.

The Israelis' may not meet all the goals they have set for this action, they will have told hezbollah, "don't bring a stick to a gunfight." That is to say, their response will be outsized and massive when provoked. I hope they take this fight all the way to Damascus. Maybe they could drop leaflets before bombing, saying "This bombing brought to you by the members of Hezbollah."

Anyway, that what I think.

3:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have come to believe - after many years thinking on this subject - that it is the muslim tenents of intolerance and supremism that is the root of most of the world's problems. Years ago, I was inclined to blame Israel. But the truth shall set us free, and the fact is the muslim culture needs to fix it's own horrible views of supremism and intolerance. The civilized world, including communist China, need to wake up to the spectre of an Islam-dominated world. It is the future muslims believe in, a world with one religion dominating all others. It is time to proclaim Israel's right to retaliate against an enemy whose twisted beliefs compell them to attack all "infidels" and seek salvation through murdering non muslims.

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Ram said...

The hypocrisy of the Arabs, Persians, the Europeans, the UN and the rest of the Islamic world is beyond belief. There are 50 - 100 people dying daily in Iraq. Scores are getting kidnapped right of the streets and businesses. The chair of the Iraqi Olympic Committee got kidnapped from a meeting last week. Does Kofi Annan or anyone ask the perpetrators to cease fire? 3000 people dead in the month of May alone ... Yet there is no peep from the hypocritical Muslims, because the killers are either Shiite or Sunni. Then you get 57 people killed when Israel acts in self-defense and the whole world goes berserk. Is there no sanity left???

I have recently read up on the history of the formation of Trans-Jordan and the British mandate. As some one not from the middle east and who can see things from a neutral perspective, I was struck by how cynical the neighboring Arab nations have been to the Arab refugees. Syria and Jordan (primarily Jordan) have to share the responsibility for the Arab refugees, just as Israel took responsibility and granted immediate citizenship to the Jewish refugees from the Arab countries. I used to be an impartial observer, but not anymore. The Arabs and the Persians are rotten to the core.

5:08 AM  
Anonymous Yael said...


If you wish to read why I think the invasion-tactically, logically, is not in Israel’s own interest then it is under the comments of 21st May, giving some background to Ireland, so I will not repeat those parallels here. I would be very interested in your thoughts.

I have an almost daily reading of most of the sites listed previuosly. If I could make a few points on the matters raised before.

1.'I think the fundamental problem is that some people don't want to understand the conflict.'

As an outsider, who has daily contact with many views, I could not agree less, the proportion of time people-in Dublin at any rate- give to this issue is astounding, and there are always exceptions, but most are very balanced and informed in their views.

2.'The Palestinians and Arabs are 'so poor', 'so long suffering', G-d forbid anyone ever make them take some responsibility for their own actions and situation. I agree that showing women and children is very effective against Israel.'

There is a generalization here that most Irish people do not agree with, whatever about ‘Arabs’ – a term that covers millions- have to do in their own country, Palestinians are most certainly not ‘responsibility for their own … situation’. Do not believe me, there are hundreds of organisations, with Israeli Jewish members, the black widows, the right to refuse, peace now, thousands of Israeli Jews, literally, who do not agree. To say such a thing is to show an almost incredible lack of knowledge of the economy, background and current situation in Palestinian territories, and to dismiss their views.

3. ‘There are some who like to quote such things as the Geneva Israel is not folling it's mandates.'

The Geneva convention is quite rightly quoted, and I have myself heard Hezbollah condemned in the same breath.

4.'There is simply no evidence that Israel wants war. They want peace, but notas it is dictated by countries and groups who believe that they are justified in obliterating it from the map. That is called caving into bullies and tyrants.'

I do not believe that Israelis got up one fine morning and decided to start a war. But the nation is structured so that such a thing is almost inevitable. Everyone is enrolled once-barring some section of society- and far more importantly there is no true debate as to why suicide bombers etc want to die. There are numerous examples of Israelis, one recently of an art exhibition- banned from showing the reality of life in the occupied territory. For the sake of Israel itself it must be asked why $1400 per capita is spent on arms, in a country where 1 in 4 children are, at one point, in need of poverty assistance.

Peace is harder than war, at home when a ceasefire was signed, then broken, then signed, it was so much harder than the mental compromises we were forced as a nation to make. Mentally, war is a black and white issue, but the true hero’s of the peace that I enjoy now are the mothers and fathers in the North who everyday have to see the people who were convicted of murdering their own children, go shopping and laugh. They are paying everyday in a torture I can never understand, so that my children will know peace.

And there is a second point- you do not know what your culture is missing. Before peace my nationality was defined by a conflict, my symbols and art and music had long ago been hijacked by blood and martyrdom. Since the peace young people have an unfettered view of their own nation, Israel could bloom if the shadow of war was gone, and the choice is yours.

Peace is so much harder than war, and its hero’s are unsung, even despised, you could gain so much by the sacrifice. Things you cannot even imagine now. I know this all sounds very harsh, hearing news of the death and endangerment of your loved ones, nut their sake the voices of peace within Israel itself need to be hear.

If they are wrong, then what harm, but they are right your grandchild will know peace.


4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yael...So what is your solution. How exactly do you think thisd should have gone? Should Israel have continued to allow it's soldiers to be kidnapped? Should she continue to allow Hezbollah to fire Katusha rockets onto it's soil? What should she have done? You are so quick to disparage Israel and stand up for Terrorists. What willyou do when Ireland is next?

1:14 AM  
Anonymous Yael said...

Dear Anonymous,

Firstly can I suggest that you rename yourself Anonymous one, or apple or anything? It makes it easier to see your train of thought, and in this way I could respond to all your thoughts in one post.

I am also puzzled as to why you say I “stand up for Terrorists”. If you could quote how I have done this, I will apologise. The taking of human life is wrong. I have seen far too many of my own country men screaming and digging through rubble for their loved ones to believe anything else. As for “disparage Israel”, where? I have looked through my words and can see no instance of hatred for you or your country.

To question something is not to despise it but to respect it. Do you count as your friends only those who agree with you? I trust my friends to tell me if they think I am wrong, that to me is true friendship. I believe that the people on this blog are willing, and intelligent enough, to discuss their opinions, and I will not insult that intelligence by cheap worthless words of mindless agreement.

As to ‘my’ solution, I have none; I would however like to put forward some of the solutions offered by Israeli Jews. Some, because there is not space enough for them all.

The peace now movement has recently visited the towns under rocket attack in the north in solidarity. Their solution to continued conflict between Israel and its neighbours-

Their solution: “For the past 30 years Peace Now has called upon Israel to return to internationally recognized boarders in its conflict with the Palestinians and was at the forefront of the public pressure to encourage the withdrawal from Lebanon. It is within this background that Peace Now feels our message of legitimate defense of boarders is to be heard.”

“Peace Now is a movement of Israeli citizens who view peace, compromise and reconciliation with the Palestinian people and the Arab states as the only guarantee for the future, the security, and the character of the State of Israel.”

This Israeli organisation won the following remarks from Justice Aharon Barak, President of the Supreme Court of Israel.

“Best wishes to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel….your appearances are always dignified. Your work is always thorough. You assist the Court in many ways, and raise important problems for judicial review – and all with a sense of responsibility, caution and due proportion….are excellent examples of a lofty ideal and make their own contribution to the judicial shaping of this ideal.”

They won a ruling by the Supreme Court of Israel for the dismantlement of an existing section of the West Bank separation barrier, one of the current main causes of conflict between Palestinians and Israel.

3. Btselem
“Over the past week, Israel has killed hundreds of Lebanese civilians in its attacks against targets in Lebanon . There is a concern that at least some of them were disproportionate attacks, which constitute war crimes. In addition, Israel has launched deliberate attacks against civilian infrastructure throughout Lebanon , such as bridges, the Beirut international airport , the electricity supply and fuel reservoirs. There is a concern that such attacks are intended to put pressure on the Lebanese Government and not to obtain a specific military advantage. If this is the case, these attacks constitute collective punishment and a grave violation of IHL. Moreover, even if these targets constitute legitimate military objects, or civilian objectives that may be used for military purposes, Israel must respect the principle of proportionality and refrain from attacks that would cause excessive harm to civilians.”

Their solution: to adhere to international law governing conflict.

In a previous blog, under the 21st day, I mentioned the peace conference organised by Israelis within days of Gilad Shalit’s capture that could have secured his release. Why was this conference stopped?

There is not room enough in the world to write of the thousands of ways this crisis could have been averted, even now. These are Israelis voices, not outsiders. What of Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners, many of them civilians, currently held illegally. Should they not too be released?

The question is not, what other solution is there, but rather why are Israel’s army and settlers allowed to disregard Israeli law? Who runs your country? This is not the UN or EU, but your own Supreme Court Judges who are disregarded, whose rulings are tossed aside. Does that not frighten you?


3:16 PM  
Blogger james higham said...

You should immediately add:

He is the main man in Britain doing this and I am a non-Jewish supporter of his.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Annie Mouse said...

"Israel is unfortunately not doing a very good job at explaining itself to international audiences"

Bibi has been excellent - and your chap at the UN, has seriously good too.

but that doesnt compensate for the disgraceful, anti-Israel output of the BBC during this war (i'm in the UK). Israel really does need to get the message out about itself.

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Annie Mouse said...

"Then you get 57 people killed when Israel acts in self-defense and the whole world goes berserk"

yeah. thats different. thats the infidel Jews killing Muslims, and Nasrallah & co dont like Jews do they?

Muslim killing Muslim is ok - almost like a family squabble. But if an untermenschen Infidel kills a muslim - then you get the "bezerk".

8:06 PM  
Blogger Mike_de said...

Hi all, with all my respect to your openion, but i think you are reading the book from the end.
The conflict between Israel and Hezbullah started the time Israel Invated Lebanon and they wont go out, Hezbullah were created on 1982
and they asked Israel to leave Lebanon, but Israel did not agree.
After many Israely Soldirs were killed they start to go bak to the borders(2000).and they still at the boarders Why? it was a goos story about the russian who was kidnappt in Lebanon, now i tell u about my story: I was very young when the Israel came in to Lebanon, i saw how they killed old men and women and and execuated young men, they killed my familly for my eyes, my Villige was completly destroyed and they kept alive to tell others what happend, so no one would resest them.

But they were wrong, these massaker made us stronger and breaver to fight such criminals.
This is one of a million of Massakers, but the world is blind, Israel is poor because they are beween Arabs and Moslims, did any ask how Israel came to Palestina?
and How? They came with force with help from America,Saudi Arabien,and Jurdanien, and as we all know, what came with force would only go with force. The world is very upset about the 2 Soldirs?? What about more than 800 Lebanes r preseners in Israel with out a reason, many of them were kidnappt, did any one protest? may be i dont agree about all what in Lebanon going,but the true is Israel should go out, and when Hezbullah attaks Israel then we can say Israel has the right to deffence it self and they can Destroy and kill as much they want.
But as long as one peace of sand is taken from Lebanon, Every Lebanes well keep fighting tell its free.
Israel exestence deppence on war,NO WAR NO ISRAEL, these are the words of Israel.
Quistion: What are Israel doing at Goulan? we all know that Syrien are not Fighting with Israel, why they wont give it bak to them?? and then we say Israel is A fraid that syrien then wil attack.!!!!

I believe we have to read the Book from first page to the end then every one can understand why is ther a conflict, and how can we find a soluation?

God Bless Lebanon, Islam, Humanity, Freedom, and PEACE.

3:34 AM  
Blogger Mike_de said...

Hi Yeal, I would like here to thank you for your words, you are talking since and logik, i wish many people would read what between the lines.

3:48 AM  

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