Israel-Hezbollah War

A view of the July-August 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war from an Israeli living in Haifa (under Katyusha rocket attack)- send personal comments to

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Seeing for ourselves

As soon as the cease-fire went into effect on Monday (14 Aug) Irit suggested that we drive up for a few days to the Galilee (northern Israel) which bore the brunt of the 4000 Katyusha rockets that were fired at Israel from 12 July – 14 August.

We drove up on Tuesday and were amongst the very first visitors after the war. It was a fascinating trip and I have a lot to report, which I’ll start tomorrow. Meanwhile you can take a look at the photos I took on that trip. They are in . For those that relate directly to the war, see (will be updated in the next couple of days). Thanks for your patience. The picture on the right shows one of many tracts of land in northern Israel that were burnt by brush fires caused when Katyusha rockets landed in open spaces.


Blogger james higham said...

Fascinating, David. I'm vitally interested in the area from Haifa across the plain to Megiddo and the photos bring it home.

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Steve Summers said...

Hi David,
A moving portrait of the dreadfull recent events in the troubled land. I'm glad to see you came through it ok, and all good wishes for your peacemaking activities.
Steve Summers

11:13 AM  

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